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Mozambique is a country on the eastern coast of southern Africa that is bordered by: to the north, Tanzania; to the northwest, Malawi and Zambia; to the west, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland; to the south, South Africa; to the east, the section of the Indian Ocean called the Mozambique Channel.

In the Mozambique Channel, neighbors are Madagascar and the Comoros (including the French possession of Mayotte). In the Indian Ocean, to the east of the large island of Madagascar, are the dependencies of Réunion, Juan de Nova and Europa Island. In the Mozambique Channel, roughly halfway between the mainland and Madagascar, the atoll of Bassas da India, also a French possession.

Mozambique has always established itself as a cultural center with outstanding interventions, at an international level, in the fields of architecture, painting, music, literature and poetry. Names such as Malangatana, Mia Couto and José Craveirinha, among others, have long crossed national borders. Also in the area of sports, he excelled in several modalities, namely in athletics with Lurdes Mutola. Also important and representative of the artistic and creative spirit of the Mozambican people is the handicraft that is manifested in various areas, especially the blackwood sculptures of the Macondes of Northern Mozambique.

Name: Republic of Mozambique
Capital: Maputo
Population 30 million
Area 812,379 sq km (313,661 sq miles)
Independence Date: June 25, 1975
President: Filipe Jacinto Nyusi
Political system: Multi-Party Democracy
Official language: Portuguese
Other National Languages: Cicopi, cinyanja, cinyungwe, cisenga, cishona, ciyao, echuwabo, ekoti, elomwe, gitonga, maconde (or shimakonde), kimwani, macua (or emakhuwa), memane, swahili (or kiswahili), swazi (or swazi), xichanga, xironga, xitswa and zulu.Capital: Major religions: Christianity, indigenous beliefs, Islam
Currency: Metical
GDP: 13.8%
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